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Japan’s hidden tropical island: Aogashima

Japan’s hidden tropical island: Aogashima: NewImage
Tofugu has a short article on this unusual and beautiful Japanese island: Aogashima.

Aogashima (“blue island”) is a tropical, volcanic island in the Phillipine Sea. Despite being over 200 miles away from the country’s capital, Aogashima is governed by Tokyo. In fact, a whole stretch of tropical and sometimes uninhabited islands called the Izu Islands are technically part of Tokyo. Volcanic islands? Not typically what comes to mind when you think of Tokyo.

As you might imagine, Aogashima isn’t the most crowded place in the world. As of this year, only about 200 people live on Aogashima. The island only has one post office and one school.

There are two ways on and off the island: by helicopter or by boat. There’s only one, small harbor where the boats go in an out of, and it seems to be a little unreliable. Because Aogashima is so remote and isolated, it can sometimes be hard to get a boat to or from the island safely.

A fellow named Izuyan has been traveling to isolated islands of Japan and taking excellent photos. Here's his Flickr set for Aogashima.

Japan’s Hidden Tropical Island: Aogashima(Via imgur)


Mozilla Thimble Teaches You HTML and CSS with a Side-by-Side HTML Editor [Learn To Code]

Mozilla Thimble Teaches You HTML and CSS with a Side-by-Side HTML Editor [Learn To Code]:
We recently told you about Mozilla's new Webmaker projects that teach you how to code, and the first one is ready for a test drive right now. Thimble is an easy to use, in-browser HTML editor that shows you the finished product right alongside your code, so you can learn as you go. More »


Mozilla Thimble Teaches You HTML and CSS with a Side-by-Side HTML Editor [Learn To Code]

Mozilla Thimble Teaches You HTML and CSS with a Side-by-Side HTML Editor [Learn To Code]:
We recently told you about Mozilla's new Webmaker projects that teach you how to code, and the first one is ready for a test drive right now. Thimble is an easy to use, in-browser HTML editor that shows you the finished product right alongside your code, so you can learn as you go. More »


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AdWords for video: Use video to capture a new advertising audience

AdWords for video: Use video to capture a new advertising audience: Join us every Wednesday at 11am PST on the Google+ Your Business page to learn about the tools that Google offers your business. This week, we’re excited to bring you a Hangout On Air about AdWords for video.

Who doesn’t love watching videos? They can teach, elicit emotion, and influence our daily lives. Naturally then, video is also an effective way to build awareness of your business. On average, video advertising on YouTube can lead to a 20% increase in website traffic. Watch Wednesday’s Hangout on Air to hear more about AdWords for video from two specialists who will address who should use video advertising, how to up set video campaigns, what performance metrics are available, and a few more helpful tricks.

Just sign into Google+ and add the Google+ Your Business page to your circles. Post questions ahead of time - simply look for the post that we put up every Monday morning soliciting your questions. Then, on Wednesday, navigate to your Stream where you’ll be able to view our Hangout live with just one click!

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AdSense Tips: Consider Your Content When Adding New Units


Smoked By Windows Phone Montage 02


WALL-E’s M-O at Sears Portrait Studio

WALL-E’s M-O at Sears Portrait Studio:
The L.A. Times has a fun slideshow from Andrew Stanton from his time directing Wall-E . Apparently the editorial department at Pixar took a model of M-O to a Sears Portrait Studio and had some fun!


RSS Plumbing with Yahoo! Pipes

RSS Plumbing with Yahoo! Pipes: Pipes-logo_thumb
Yahoo! Pipes is a free content manipulation service that lets you mix and mash up web content using a visual editor that doesn’t require any code writing experience.

The Pipes service has been around since February 7, 2007, and is the primarily the work of then Yahoo! Engineers Pasha Sadri, Ed Ho, Jonathan Trevor, Kevin Cheng and Dainial Raffel. The service, according to the official Yahoo! Pipes blog, is intended to be “a hosted service that lets you remix feeds and create new data mashups in a visual programming environment.”

Pipes for Ecommerce

There are a couple of ways that the Pipes service can be helpful for online retailers. First, it can be used to collect intelligence about industry trends or even competitive pricing. Second...


Free Webcast with Lynn Next Tuesday

Free Webcast with Lynn Next Tuesday:

Still using an older version of AutoCAD (not 2013 yet)? Got a spare hour next Tuesday?
Then join Lynn Allen for a free webcast!

See What You've Been Missing in AutoCAD 2013

Keynote Speaker: Lynn Allen
Date & Time: Tuesday, June 5, 2012 11:00am- 12:00pm PDT

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Get the scoop on all the new features in AutoCAD 2013, as well as info on some of the upgrade & cross-grade incentives currently on offer.
Hope to see you there!


Honestly Now: Infiniti Really Officially To Start Production In China

Honestly Now: Infiniti Really Officially To Start Production In China:

A week after Nissan’s Infiniti finally, officially moved into its new digs in Hong Kong’s Citibank Tower, the company finally, officially confirmed that Infiniti cars will be produced in China starting in 2014. If you think you heard that before, you did. Nissan’s worst kept secret had kept the Chinese rumor mill in motion for more than a year.
The official announcement was expected for the Beijing Auto Show, but it did not come – last minute delays to the inevitable. Finally and as expected, the Xiangyang plant of the Dongfeng-Nissan joint venture was selected to make two Infiniti models initially. The Xiangyang plant in Hubei province produces Nissan’s Teana bread&butter midsize sedan. The made-in-China  Infinitis will most likely be similar in size to keep cost down.
Producing volume models in China while importing higher end iron is a strategy that was successfully employed by premium brands such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes.
Toyota’s Lexus is a prominent holdout in the Made-in-China movement. Privately citing quality concerns, Lexus still produces most of its cars at home in Japan. Infiniti does not share these concerns. Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn repeatedly praised Nissan’s Chinese joint venture plants in Xiangyang and Huadu as the best in Nissan’s system.


Airbag Saves Man, Then Slowly Kills Him

Airbag Saves Man, Then Slowly Kills Him:

A driver from Scotland became involved in a six car pileup. The airbag deployed, the man escaped uninjured. Then, the airbag slowly killed him.
The airbag broke a window and got cut. Chemicals from the ruptured airbag of Ronald Smith’s Vauxhall Insignia’s airbag triggered chest and breathing problems, the Daily Record says. Two months after the crash, the driver was taken to a hospital with an infected lung. After 21 days on a respirator, Smith died. Coroner Carney said:

“I accept the death was attributed to bronchial pneumonia and pulmonary fibrosis and that it was developed after this incident in November, and the deceased’s exposure to noxious substances. This man died as a result of this incident and more pointedly because of the explosion of his airbag.”

Vauxhall did not want to comment.


Heico Sportiv debuts Volvo V40 mods with bio-diesel racer

Heico Sportiv debuts Volvo V40 mods with bio-diesel racer:
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Volvo V40 by Heico Sportiv

The V40 is a vital product not only for Volvo itself, but also for the tuners that specialize in customizing the Swedish automobiles. See especially, Heico Sportiv.

The German tuning firm hinted a few weeks ago at its impending line of accessories for the new sportwagon, and has now followed up by announcing the racecar you see here. The modified V40 serves two purposes: The first will be to race at the Nürburgring 24-hour race - presumably next year's since this year's just finished. Secondly, it previews a range of modifications that the company will be offering buyers of the new V40.

The mod job includes a full aero kit, complete with flared wheel arches, front splitter, rear diffuser and a big rear wing. The exhaust, suspension and rolling stock have also been upgraded, capped by a version of Volvo's five-cylinder turbo-diesel tuned to produce 300 horsepower on biodiesel fuel. That much is hinted at by the "Green Racing" livery which mimics that run by the Volvo team in various touring car series.

The car will make its public debut at the upcoming auto show in Leipzig, Germany, but you can scope it out now in the press release below.
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New 45° imagery available for 26 cities

New 45° imagery available for 26 cities:

This week’s 45° imagery update for Google Maps contains coverage for 16 U.S. and 10 international locations. This update also includes our first 45° imagery for Poland and Ireland.

Kraków, Poland

Located in the south at the foot of the Tatra Mountains, Kraków is the second largest city in Poland. Kraków features a rich heritage of medieval architecture from Renaissance, Baroque and Gothic times. The Gothic Wawel Royal Castle, shown below, is located on a hill above Vistula River served as the Polish residence when Kraków was the capital of the country.

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Dublin, Ireland

Founded by Vikings in the year of 842, the name of the town goes back to “Dubh Linn” that could be translated as “Black Swamp”. Dublin has been home to many world-class poets like Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett and James Joyce. It has also produced some modern-day poets like Bono. St. Patrick’s Cathedral – one of Ireland's most famous landmarks – is shown below.

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Santa Fe

Santa Fe, the capital of New Mexico, is located along the historic Santa Fe Trail – an important trade route for textiles in the 19th Century. Architecturally, Sante Fe is famous for the so-called the Pueblo, which features adobe-colored building exteriors. San Miguel Mission is the oldest church of the US dating back to around 1610 and erected in traditional adobe construction.

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Have fun exploring the new sites!

Below is the full list of updated cities:

US: Albany, GA (outskirts); Atascocita, TX; Clarksville, TN; Columbia, MO; Corpus Christi, TX; Fayetteville, NC; Fort Collins, CO; Fort Smith, AR; Greensboro, NC; Jackson, TN; Lafayette, LA; Plaquemine, LA; Pueblo, CO; Santa Fe, NM; Texarkana, AR; Tyler, TX

International: Bern, Switzerland; Cracow, Poland; Dublin, Ireland; Gdansk, Poland; Lugo, Spain; Ourense, Spain; Poznan, Poland; Warsaw, Poland; Wroclaw, Poland; Zurich, Switzerland

Posted by Bernd Steinert, Geo Data Specialist


Strategic Roadmaps That Energize & Drive Consensus – Three Key Elements

Strategic Roadmaps That Energize & Drive Consensus – Three Key Elements:



"Starship Groove" -


Nao's Demo Reel


Renovating a Landmark

Renovating a Landmark: Restoration of the first Disney studio.:

For 15 years, a Kansas City group has raised money to revitalize Laugh-O-Gram, Walt Disney’s first professional animation studio, and turn it into an interactive historical site, educational museum and perhaps more.

Now, 90 years after Disney began work there in May 1922, organizers are launching their final fund-raising push, hoping to complete the project by 2015. ...

The American impulse is (usually) to tear down anything that's seventy or eighty years old. What possible good can it be? Why save something decrepit?

Maybe to throw a light on where we've been? To maybe give us a hint to where we might be going?

Walt Disney was like a lot of hand-to-mouth filmmakers in the early days of the motion picture industry. He opened a store-front and hired a few guys. He started creating product that he thought would sell and catch fire. The fact that his company ultimately grew into an international conglomerate while lots of other people -- the Fleischers, Walter Lantz, to name two -- came and ultimately went says something about his drive and genius.

But it also says something about the fickle finger of fate. Walt Disney Productions could have sunk beneath the red ink of bankruptcy a number of times like other studios, but didn't. Outside forces came together at opportune moments, and the studio kept going. All the way from Kansas City to today. And Michael Eisner, Robert Iger, and a myriad of other human beings are the richer for it.

ht/ Jay Jackson and Merry Kanawyer Klingen.


Frank Tashlin, Author

Frank Tashlin, Author: President Emeritus Tom Sito points us to this publication (and some others).

Frank Tashlin had achieved recognition as a children's writer when he entered the film industry to work in the animation units at Disney and Warner Bros. Both of these early careers would have decisive import for the major films that Tashlin would direct in the 1950s. This early experience allowed Tashlin to see everyday life as a visually surreal experience, as a kind of cartoon itself, and gave him a faith in the potential for natural experience to resist the increased mechanization of everyday life. Tashlin's films of the 1950s are great displays of cinematic technique, particularly as it developed in a TV-fearing Hollywood. They featured a wide-screen sensibility, radiant color, frenetic editing, and a deliberate recognition of film as film. Tashlin's films often resemble live versions of the Warners cartoons.

As we said a while back, Mr. Tashlin was an artist ahead of his time. He was the first main-stream director who brought a cartoon sensibility to live-action films. It's a commonplace thing today, but Frank T. was pretty much the man who pioneered the trend.

And, as Sito says in the link above, he was pro-labor, believing in the usefulness of guilds and unions


Backup Android phone into Online Vault

Backup Android phone into Online Vault:
1Android data protection is now more vital thing than ever. This small device contains more sensitive and personal data. However most of the time we use local drivers, for store backed up files such as SD card, computer hard disk. If there is anything goes wrong, everything lost. So it's a wise thing storing our phone's backup on a cloud service. There are few solutions but most of them are not free.
Online Vault is one of the free android apps, which can back up your android phone's contacts, documents, music, pictures, videos and custom files into the online cloud server. You can save up-to 2 GB space free, if you need more space, you have to buy their premium service. The most significant thing is you can access your backup files anytime using your mobile or computer (via web browser).
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Panasonic Releases LUMIX Remote For Android, Lets You Control Your FX90 Camera From An Android Device

Panasonic Releases LUMIX Remote For Android, Lets You Control Your FX90 Camera From An Android Device:
1If controlling your Panasonic LUMIX FX90 digital camera from your smartphone is something that you've longed for, today is your lucky day. Panasonic just released LUMIX Remote into the Play Store - an app to let you do just that.
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How about a battery that lasts 5 times longer and charges in 5 minutes?

How about a battery that lasts 5 times longer and charges in 5 minutes?:


If there’s one smartphone feature that most people would like to see improve, it would be battery-life. With most handsets struggling to last out the day and new technologies such as LTE using even more power, battery life has never been so important.
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Make Eclipse run fast on Ubuntu 12.04

Make Eclipse run fast on Ubuntu 12.04:

SDK Version: 



0One thing which can be extremely annoying for developers is Eclipse. It can be a giant mess to run, and it doesn’t run well straight off the bat for users of Ubuntu 12.04. I share some of my tips to make it work really well for you.
Tip #1: Use the Oracle Java VM 7. It’s amazing how much different this is compared with Version 6 of either the official, or OpenJDK versions.
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It's Time To Stop Complaining Because Your Smartphone Isn't "Revolutionary"

It's Time To Stop Complaining Because Your Smartphone Isn't "Revolutionary":
1The last few years have been really exciting. Heck, the whole last decade. The explosive proliferation of broadband brought about a whole new world of possibilities for mankind, and the mobile revolution, even moreso. From about 2007 to the present, we watched as Apple and Google, as well as a host of phone manufacturers, turned the world upside down by putting powerful, location-aware, internet-connected, touchscreen mini-computers in the hands of everyday consumers for a price that is relatively affordable.
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Paypal mobile wallet service adds another 15 retailers

Paypal mobile wallet service adds another 15 retailers:


PayPal has picked up another fifteen retail partners for its upstart mobile wallet service and looks to be gathering momentum. First launched as part of a trial in 50 Home Depot locations earlier this year, the NFC-based initiative has been expanded to all 2,200 locations across the country.
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Toshiba debuts quad-core 10.1-inch AT300

Toshiba debuts quad-core 10.1-inch AT300:


Toshiba today unveiled a new quad-core Android tablet that falls in line with the thin and sexy designs of the Excite series. Called the AT300, it runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and features a 10.1-inch LED backlit (1280x800) display, a quad-core Tegra 3 processor, and 5-megapixel rear camera.

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Future Google+ experience may include ‘Events’, ‘Local’ features

Future Google+ experience may include ‘Events’, ‘Local’ features:

Hints of the yet-announced features have been found in latest release of Google+ for Android.

A pair of potential future features for Google+ have been found hiding in the code for the brand new Android application. According to a source close to The Verge, the 2.6 Android app had references to Events and Local features nestled right next to Photos, Circles and the other Google+ stuff you're familiar with. After digging through the code, The Verge was able to confirm the mentions.
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The Life And Trials Of Android: A Beautiful Mess That Is Destined To Survive

The Life And Trials Of Android: A Beautiful Mess That Is Destined To Survive:

First, A Brief Introduction...

If you've been paying even the slightest bit of attention to the tech world for the past year or two, you're probably well aware that Android has more or less taken over the smartphone scene. Way back in June of 2010, Google revealed that 160,000 Android devices were being activated per day - at the time, that was more than double the combined total of iPhone, Mac, and iPad activations. According to comScore, Android had already conquered 28.7% of the market in December of 2010. In March of 2011 - just a few short months later - comScore's numbers showed market share had leapt to 34.7%.
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